Signature is an award-winning, full-service distribution, production and international sales company. 

In the current environment, everyday is a market day. We are in constant communication with our buyers, as they value being kept in the loop on our projects outside of the busy market times. Deals can be closed at any point in time.

The Signature Sales Team USP:


Talent Oriented: We always put first the needs of the producers as we aim to establish long lasting relationships over more than one project. We don’t provide a ”service”, we strike a partnership.


Communication: A small streamlined team of experts one phone call away to discuss and advise on strategy. Absolute transparency and clear communication is key to a successful relationship both with buyers and producers.


Tailored Strategy: We only handle a selection of cherry-picked titles we strongly believe in. This allows us to give each title the attention it requires and tailor the strategy around it.


Slender Team/ Big Company: The international team has complete free reign when it comes to internal approvals so is empowered to get things done quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we can access the resources and expertise of a huge backing company for support activities such as legal, accounting, finance, international marketing and PR.


Limited Market Fees: We believe we can connect to our buyers travelling to markets or attending them virtually without recharging extortionate market fees on the films. Our market expenses are low and fully auditable, any higher market cost recharged is the result of an approved marketing strategy tailored to the film.