TrustNordisk Scores U.K. Deal for WW2-Set Drama ‘Before It Ends’ With ‘Games of Thrones’ Star Pilou Asbæk

TrustNordisk has closed a U.K. deal on “Before It Ends,” a WW2-set drama with “Games of Thrones” star Pilou Asbæk, unfolding during the final stages of Nazi Occupation in Denmark. Signature Entertainment has bought U.K. rights to the movie.

“Before It Ends,” whose trailer has just been unveiled (see below), was written and directed by Anders Walter, known for his Oscar-winning short film “Helium” and “I Kill Giants” which played at Toronto in 2017. The feature was produced by Nordisk Film Production in collaboration with Growing Studios.

Asbæk stars alongside Danish talent Katrine Greis-Rosenthal (“A Taste of Hunger,” Ulrich Thomsen (“The Marco Effect”) and Morten Hee Andersen (“A Matter of Trust”), and German actor Peter Kurth (“Inventing Anna”).

When announcing the project, TrustNordisk boss Susan Wendt describes it as a “deeply moving and nerve-wrecking drama that portrays the unimaginable dilemmas that people face in the wake of war.” 

The film is inspired by true events and depicts a dark chapter in the history of Denmark: The handling of the approximately 250,000 German refugees who came to Denmark right before the country’s liberation in the spring of 1945. When a Folk High School is turned into an internment camp for German refugees, the headmaster couple Jakob and Lis, and their children are thrust into an impossible situation.

“Before It Ends” was produced by Miriam Nørgaard, Mette Høst Hansen and Tomas Radoor for Nordisk Film Production. It was produced in collaboration with Growing Stories with support from The Danish Film Institute, FilmFyn, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, RUV, YLE and TV 2 Denmark.