‘Lord of The Rings’ Star Simon Merrells Leads Sci-Fi Thriller ‘A Million Days,’ Signature Selling in Cannes

“The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” star Simon Merrells and “We Hunt Together’s” Hermione Corfield will lead the sci-fi thriller “A Million Days.”

Signature Entertainment will introduce the film to buyers at next month’s Cannes Film Festival as part of its international sales slate. The film is the third pic from photographer and director Mitch Jenkins, whose debut feature “The Show” was written by graphic novel legend and “Watchmen” creator Alan Moore.

The film stars Simon Merrells (who will soon appear in the “Lord of the Rings” prequel series for Amazon’s Prime Video) alongside Hermione Corfield (“Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi”), Kemi-Bo Jacobs (“London Has Fallen”) and Darrell D’Silva (“Wrath of Man”).

The year is 2041 and the next step in the future of humankind is imminent. After decades of training and research, the mission to create the first lunar colony is about to launch with Anderson as lead astronaut. Jay, an AI purpose built for the mission, has simulated every possible outcome for the expedition. Tensions arise when the chilling motives of Jay become apparent, sewing the seeds of distrust between Anderson and the group that had gathered to quietly celebrate the launch. As the night descends into chaos, the group’s faith in one another and their mission begins to crack, with the knowledge that the decisions they make before sunrise will change humanity forever

“A Million Days” is the first title out of U.K. production outfit Peardrop Productions. International sales are being handled by Signature’s Andrew Nerger and Ella Field.

Said Nerger of the film: “From the moment we first read the script, there was a lot of love for ‘A Million Days.’ There aren’t enough intelligent sci-fi films out there and we feel confident audiences will gravitate towards this gripping thriller full of twists and turns. The vision that Mitch Jenkins brings to the film will astound audiences and the superb ensemble cast will delight genre fans! We can’t wait to bring it to buyers in person for the first time in Cannes.”

Signature Entertainment plans to release “A Million Days” in the U.K. and Ireland in 2023.