The Dark Red

The Dark Red


THE DARK RED is a seat-edge twisted shocker from acclaimed director and genre favourite Dan Bush (THE SIGNAL, THE VAULT) .

Sybil is being held against her will in a psychiatric ward because her claims are extreme. She says her newborn baby was kidnapped by a secret society to harvest its supernatural blood. She says the ancient bloodline has great powers – it lets you hear other people’s thoughts. And she begs the doctors to let her go so she can rescue her child from the cult’s dungeons. Is she telling the truth, or is it just mere delusion?


Digital Release: March 16, 2020

Australia & New Zealand

Digital Release: March 18, 2020

US / North America

Digital Release: March 17, 2020

DVD Release: March 17, 2020


April Billingsley

Conal Byrne

Kelsey Scott

John Curran


Directed by Dan bush

Written by Dan Bush and Conal Byrne