Happy Endings

Happy Endings

Struggling twenty-something actress Resse Holden (Deschanel) has been promised a small fortune for the publication of love letters written but her legendary, but reclusive, father Don Holden (Harris) to Reese’s mother. The search for these letters see’s the fractious reunion of the estranged father and daughter back home. On her arrival Reece is greeted by Don’s younger house mate and a would-be Christian rock musician, Corbit (Ferrell). Although at first she does not approve of her fathers awkward ad-hoc set-up, Reece soon comes to appreciate this new arrangement and as secrets are revealed she becomes hopeful of the futureā€¦.


DVD Release: October 7, 2013


Will Ferrell
Zooey Deschanel
Ed Harris


Adam Rapp
Bob Yari