Frost Bite

Frost Bite

Home is where the heart is…As well as a mountain yeti!

Uptight lawyer Adam gets called back to his hometown deep in the Canadian mountains to find that goofball childhood friend, Theo is about to lose his business. To make matters worse…There’s a yeti on the loose and it’s terrifying the living daylights out of folk!

Together Adam, Theo and their sex-obsessed friend, Jason decide to throw the mother of all fundraising parties to save Theo’s shop. Little do they know that an unscrupulous property developer has his eye on Theo’s land and will stop at nothing to scupper their plans!

The only simple thing about this plan is the people making it…So will it work? And just how exactly will the boys deal with a problem like a massive mountain yeti?


DVD Release: November 17, 2014


Robin Nielsen
Viv Leacock
James Wallis


David Hicks
Catherine Allen
Ian Simpson