Before You Know It

Before You Know It

Funny and moving in equal measure, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT is an unmissable New-York- based “dramedy” in the vein of Woody Allen or Noah Baumbach.

Stage manager Rachel Gurner (Hannah Pearl Utt) still lives in her childhood apartment above the theatre her family owns and operates in New York City. Level-headed Rachel is the only thing standing between her family — her off-kilter actress sister Jackie (Jen Tullock), her eccentric playwright father Mel (Mandy Patinkin: Homeland), and her deadpan preteen niece Dodge (Oona Yaffe) — and utter chaos. Then, in the wake of a sudden family tragedy, Rachel and Jackie learn their presumed-deceased mother (Judith Light: Transparent) is not just alive but thriving as a soap-opera star. Also starring Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Alec Baldwin (It’s Complicated, 30 Rock).


Digital Release: December 16, 2019


Hannah Pearl Utt

Mandy Patinkin

Oona Yaffe

Judith Light

Mike Colter

Alec Baldwin


Directed by Hannah Pearl Utt