Further slate acquisitions bolster an already strong Signature

LONDON, Friday 8 May, 2015: Never one to rest on its laurels, Signature Entertainment has announced a further raft of strong acquisitions for 2015, including:



From International Film Trust and based on the novel by Stephen King, a strange signal pulsates through cell phone networks across the world, it kick-starts a murderous epidemic of epic proportions when users are transformed into bloodthirsty creatures. A small group of people in New England (including Samuel L Jackson; The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Big Game, and John Cusack; Maps To The Stars, The Paperboy) must fight for their survival amid the chaos.



From Highland Film Group, world class international thief Jack and his highly-trained team get a run for their money when Jack’s gorgeous femme fatale ex, Karen, drags him into a dangerous billion dollar heist. Little does Jack know they’re stealing from Eddie (Bruce Willis; RED2, A Good Day To Die Hard), another one of Karen’s cast-offs. Now Jack must battle his lingering feelings for Karen and decide once and for all if she’s worth it… From the producers of Lawless, End of Watch and Lone Survivor.


From Pathé, the $50M budget animation, Evolution Man tells the story of Edward, the eldest son of a primate king, who at birth is considered too small and puny for his tough tribe, and sent away to be brought up in secret. But as he grows, he realises he is no ordinary ape. It’s not long before he discovers fire (well, someone had to!), hunting, modern living, love and even… Hope. Being a generous homosapien, he wants to share everything, revolutionising the established order, and bringing his people bang up to date – with brilliantly funny moments along the way!



From Nu Image, and by the director of Candyman, FRANKENSTEIN stars Carrie Anne Moss (The Matrix, Memento) and Danny Huston (30 Days of Night, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is set in present day Los Angeles and is told entirely from the perspective of the Monster. After he is artificially created then left for dead by a husband-and-wife team of eccentric scientists, Adam is confronted with nothing but aggression and violence from the world around him. This perfect creation-turned disfigured monster must come to grips with the horrific nature of humanity.


Marc Goldberg, Managing Director for Signature Entertainment said: “We continue to acquire a broad slate of diverse, quality titles that we look forward to bringing to market in what is already a successful yet very busy 2015 for us.” He added, “We have done some solid business before Cannes – the team and I will be out in force looking to add to the slate during the festival