Way Of The Wicked

Way Of The Wicked

A series of bizarre murders strikes an isolated community in America. The locals are terrified, the police baffled, the victims unavenged. The only suspect is Robbie, a troubled teen with a dark past, who has recently returned to the town.

Sheriff John Elliott (Vinnie Jones) has more than a professional interest in the case. Ten years ago, the young Robbie killed a bully who was targeting Elliott’s daughter Heather. Now he’s back in town, and keen to rekindle his friendship with the beautiful Heather. But it seems that everyone who comes into contact with the young man ends up brutally murdered.

Elliott enlists the help of Henry (Christian Slater), a defrocked priest with secrets of his own, who is convinced that Robbie is possessed by the spirit of the Anti-Christ. Together they must do battle with the forces of the supernatural as events build to a terrifying conclusion. Evil never dies…



DVD Release: September 1, 2014


Vinnie Jones
Christian Slater
Emily Tennant


Matthew Robert Kelly
Kevin Carraway