Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose lead the cast in this non-stop actioner from the writer of Bad Boys.

A retired, crooked police commissioner – Damon Hickley (Freeman) – blackmails his caretaker – Victoria (Rose) – by kidnapping her daughter and forces her into helping him double cross his former team of dirty cops. Victoria is forced to fight her way through a sea of drug dealers and underworld thugs in the course of one night in a bid to save her daughter from the only man she ever trusted. As the night goes on, she is confronted by her past as a Russian drug courier and must use guns, guts and a motorcycle to take out a series of violent gangsters or she may never see her child again.

Vanquish is a dynamic, stylish thrill ride that shows just how far a desperate person will go.


Digital Release: June 4, 2021

DVD Release: June 4, 2021


Morgan Freeman
Ruby Rose


Directed By George Gallo