The True Don Quixote

The True Don Quixote

Before a great story can be told, it must be lived.

Down on his luck, Danny (Tim Blake Nelson – HBO’s Watchmen) escapes the world around him by diving deep into the fantasy novels that bring him comfort and joy. Tales of noble knights and daring sword fights.

Diving a little too deep, he soon begins to believe that he himself is a great knight. Grabbing his cardboard armour, a sword and roping in his trusty squire Sancho (Jacob Batalon), they embark on an insane adventure, where great lessons are learned along the way.


Digital Release: August 2, 2021

DVD Release: August 2, 2021


Tim Blake Nelson (HBO’s Watchmen / O Brother Where Art Thou)
Jacob Batalon (MCU’s Spider-Man Franchise)
Ann Mahoney (The Walking Dead)


Writer / Director: Chris Poche
Writer (Novel): Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra