The Alleys

The Alleys

In this gripping debut from director Bassel Ghandour (Theeb), gossip and violence run rampant deep in the labyrinth alleys of East Amman, Jordan.

Ali, played by Emad Azmi (Sergio), a hustler pretending to be a businessman, must keep his relationship with Lana (Baraka Rahmani, A Million Little Things) a secret in order to hide from society’s judgemental eye. When things start to fall apart, Lana’s mother, Aseel (Nadira Omran, Bab el shams), is blackmailed by an unknown voyeur who has secretly filmed footage of the young couple that could out them to their community.


Digital Release: December 5, 2022


Emad Azmi (Sergio)
Baraka Rahmani (A Million Little Things)
Nadira Omran (Bab el shams)


Directed by Bassel Ghandour (Theeb)