My Zoe

My Zoe

Prepare for one of the most emotionally-engaging film of the year. My Zoe is a heartbreaking family drama with a dystopian science fiction twist starring Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise), Richard Armitage (The Hobbit franchise, The Stranger), Gemma Arterton (Summerland) and Daniel Brühl (Captain America: Civil War).

Isabelle (Julie Delpy) is a divorcee recovering from a toxic marriage but still forced into contact with her ex (Richard Armitage)  because they are co-parenting their daughter Zoe. When tragedy strikes this fractured family, Isabelle – a top-level scientist – takes matters into her own hands an unexpected and shocking way.



Digital Release: October 5, 2020

DVD Release: October 5, 2020


Julie Delpy

Richard Armitage

Gemma Arterton

Daniel Brühl


Written and directed by Julie Delpy