Moomins & The Winter Wonderland

Moomins & The Winter Wonderland

Originating from the popular and evergreen children’s series, the beloved Moomins are back in a whimsical, magical and heart-warming winter special. Featuring the voices of Alicia Vikander and Bill and Stellan Skarsgard.

As winter falls upon Moomin valley and the Moomins prepare to hibernate, young Moomintroll can only wonder what the season will bring whilst they sleep. His curiosity is riled further when he learns a mysterious guest named Christmas is on his way, soon to be knocking on their door. And so Moomintroll clambers out his window into a strange but beautiful new world. Soaking up the sights of the valley preparing for Christmas’ arrival his adventure unravels the true meaning of friendship and kindness, and discovers Christmas’ greatest gift, love.


Digital Release: December 2, 2019

DVD Release: December 2, 2019


Alicia Vikander

Bill Skarsgard

Stellan Skarsgard.