Mission Galaxy

Mission Galaxy

WALL-E meets AVATAR, MISSON GALAXY is an out of this world adventure set in outer space.

The once beautiful Planet Kepler is now dry and near destruction, after its precocious Callaro plant was exploited to extinction by Earthers using it as a source of super energy. Three brave space kids – Axel, Jono and Gaga – embark on a desperate and daring mission to rebuild their desolate planet. Battling against evil Earthers, giant spaceships and destructive Robots the trio of heroic milky-way troopers will stop at nothing to alter the fate of their home.


Digital Release: August 9, 2021

DVD Release: August 9, 2021


Voice cast: Griffith Jason, Paquet Jessica, Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson


Directed by Leo Lee