House Of Bones

House Of Bones

This jumpy horror yarn (headlined by Corin Nemec and Charisma Carpenter) takes you on the journey with a group of reality television ghost hunters as they get trapped in a haunted plantation home. Their initial attempt for creating an entertaining reality show soon becomes a lot darker than anticipated. Through their attempt to uncover the many secrets in this haunted house, they become convinced that they are not only in the presence of the dead but surrounded by evil, supernatural activity. As fleeting spirits are spotted, fear becomes apparent. Crew members start going missing, objects around are disappearing and the house itself feels alive. It seems the crew’s only hope of survival is to unlock the mysteries of the plantation’s dark past…..


DVD Release: October 3, 2011


Corin Nemec
Marcus Lyle Brown
Ricky Wayne
Kyle Russell
Stephanie Honore


Jeffery Scott Lando
Anthony C. Ferrante
Jay Frasco