Chronical: 2067

Chronical: 2067

An extinction event has begun and the human race just hit the endangered species list.

With air so polluted that the only way to breathe is through manufactured air canisters, the human race is on its knees until a message from the future gives one of the biggest corporations on Earth hope.

A reclusive young man named Ethan is to be the saviour of the human race but what he discovers in his journey through time is an unthinkable conspiracy that could lead him to change the course of his timeline forever.

Would you save humanity if you knew humanity may not be worth saving after all?


Digital Release: December 7, 2020

DVD Release: December 7, 2020


Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In, The Road)


Directed by Seth Larney